Meet Chrysti

Let’s get clear 

Are you a sober or sober curious woman, looking for a safe place to land?

 You are in the right place.  

My name is Chrysti Peek. I’m a mother, wife, sister, friend, teacher, student, writer, dreamer, motorcycle lover, and sober braveheart.

I became frustrated in my own sobriety by what I saw as a lack of feminine-centric, whole person support in my recovery community. I didn’t know where to go and kept getting this message that not following “the one way” meant that I was doing it wrong. I was sober and strong and felt alive, but also isolated in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. I began seeing divisiveness in spaces that were created for healing.

It made me sad and frustrated and angry… and really, really determined.

Not every person who chooses sobriety labels themselves as an alcoholic and not everyone chooses a 12 step, so where do you find your tribe outside of the normal routes? And, even if you do align with those, where do you go when you need a little more support in growing into your whole, true self? How do you navigate moving forward when the focus is on alcohol -your past- and not the total badassery of the big decision to live sober?

I didn’t know where to find that space, so I made it.

I made it because no woman should worry that she’s “not doing it right”. I did it because it takes a community that recognizes you as a whole person, not just a past or a small sliver of your entire composite. I stepped out so that every woman would have a place for her voice would be heard and she could feel safe and held and empowered.

I did it because feeling safe and supported and rooted in self is not a luxury to be sought out, but a birthright that we own.

I did not get sober to live a half-assed, looking through the window, wondering if this is it, kind of life.

If you’re here with me today, then my bet is that you didn’t either.

I help women create stories that serve instead of shame and to harness the power of their decision to move forward. They’ve already made the incredibly brave choice to LIVE, I give them a safe place to understand what that means on their terms and empower them to step into their full, incredible selves.

You are deserving of your space. You are worthy of growth and change and of the opportunity to experience and explore the depths of your power, purpose, and passion.



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