Let’s get Clear

Are you a sober or sober curious woman who:

  • Is looking for support that recognizes you as a whole person, not just a habit?
  • Has a desire to build a deeper sense of self trust & intuitiveness?
  • Feels like you’re not living fully, but also unsure of what that even means?
  • Wants to feel connected, safe, and supported while navigating through your personal growth?

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Are you a sober or sober-curious braveheart in the Durham/Chapel Hill NC area?

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What is Uncaged Grace?

You know that part at the end of The Wizard of Oz when Glinda, the good witch, tells Dorothy she had the power to go home all along?

That’s Uncaged Grace, except I’m telling you at the beginning of your journey that you can totally rock this and we don’t have to face any actual flying monkeys

It doesn’t take a Good Witch to know that you (yes, you!) are an incredible being, connected to an infinite source of love and power. You were born with it; it’s your birthright. Just in case you needed any proof of you incredibleness, just remember that you are choosing to be SOBER.


That, braveheart, is totally badass.


You and you alone own that story; it does not own you. The purpose of Uncaged Grace is to give women a safe, supportive, and empowering space to let themselves out, to learn their shape and craft a life and narrative of their choosing based on their growth and experience.

You are whole and worthy and seen.

 I believe:

  • You are a whole person, not the leftovers of your past.
  • That the events and stories that have shaped your life have meaning and value.
  • That we have the power write our own labels and to update them as often as we please.
  • You are deserving of love, safety, and growth.
  • That you are more powerful, more passionate, and have a purpose beyond even your own belief.
  • That you are worthy of your own love, affection, trust, and attention.

I’m becoming more and more myself with time. I guess that’s what grace is. The refinement of your soul through time. – Jewel

Meet Chrysti

Who says cats are the only ones who get nine lives?

Before being a life coach, I was a Marine and middle school math teacher (not concurrently, though many jokes have been made); I still wear the hat of mom, wife, sister, friend, entrepreneur, shower rockstar, sober braveheart, soul seeker, and tea lover. My travels have led me from the suburbs of Baltimore, to the cherry blossoms of Okinawa, Japan, deep into the heart of Texas, and back out to the eclectic streets of Durham, NC. Each life shift brought joy, fear, challenges, victories, and beautiful lessons that led me here, to you, today.

I feel blessed each and every day to be a part of the amazing journeys that my clients invite me into. I believe that it is my life’s purpose to be of service and the gratitude that I feel for being able to follow that is indescribable. Thank you for stopping by to share this moment with me!

Live Love. Live Truth. Live Grace!